Irish Muslim Cultural Centre (IMCC)


About IMCC

The Irish Muslim Cultural Centre (IMCC) was setup by members of the local community in Clondalkin to cater to their spiritual, cultural, educational and social needs. 

Currently, the IMCC is a voluntary run organisation providing the following services:

  • Teaching children & Adults: Quran and Arabic learning and teaching is central to our lives. At IMCC, we aim to organise regular classes as the demand for this service is increasing within the service. 
  • Library: At IMCC, we maintain a small library for our community with books from various languages.  
  • 5 daily prayers: The 5 daily prayers are central to our lives. Members of the community drop in to pray and attend prayer meetings.
  • Friday prayers: Friday prayers are between 1pm and 2pm depending on the time of the year. 
  • Cultural and Social Events: We also cater to the local community members so they could organise social and cultural events such as weddings, funeral prayers, birth days, etc. 

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