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The Dublin Welfare Society (DWS) was setup in 2011 as a voluntary and charitable organisation. Members of the community had long identified the need for an organisation that could cater to the cultural and religious needs of the community.

Aims and Objectives

DWS was setup with the main objective:
To operate community centres for the benefit of residents in the Dublin and surrounding areas by providing facilities for educational and cultural programmes, affordable and accessible quality childcare, Muslim prayer facilities, information services and meeting rooms for other charitable organisations. Also, to promote the education of children and adults about Islamic culture, mother tongue, to promote the integration of Muslims into the community for the benefit of the wider community through community activities and empowerment of women.
The main objectives of the DWS are:

  1. Provision and facilitation of necessary services for the advancement of the Irish Muslim community in particular, and the wider community in general.
    1. Provision of education and training facilities in established mosques, prayer rooms and other venues.
    2. Organising, mediating and developing cooperation between various organisations, with the aim of the enhancing Muslims’ experience in Ireland, and to project a positive and real picture of Islam and Muslims.  

  2. Acquisition via rent, lease or purchase of such properties that may be necessary for the advancement and development of the Muslim community in Ireland.
    1. Purchase or lease or rent suitable properties that can serve as Islamic centres/mosques. 
    2. Fundraising for the above objective and to support sister organisations to do the same.

  3. Facilitation of development of such organisations that are under the umbrella of the DWS, and share common aims and objectives, through mentoring, advice and supervision.
    1. Supporting Dawah work through Discover Islam (Ireland).
    2. Supporting the development and empowerment of Muslim women through the Muslim Sisters of Eire.
    3. Providing support to Muslim communities in various cities and towns through the work of Peace Mission Ireland.
    4. Establishment of prayer facilities, where possible, working with local communities.
      • Irish Muslim Cultural Centre, Clondalkin, Dublin 22
      • Al-Furqan Community Association, Limerick
      • Dublin Muslim Centre, Clongriffin, Dublin13

Organisational Structure

DWS is comprised of a central committee of nine individuals who voluntarily oversee and coordinate the day-to-day running of the organisation and its various branches and projects. They are also the registered directors of the company limited by guarantee.

  1. Shamsul Haque - Chairman
  2. Abdul Mannan - Secretary
  3. Mizanur Rahaman
  4. Iqbal Abdul Mazid
  5. Mohammad Kamaruzzaman
  6. Mohammad Alamgir Hossain
  7. Khondaker Muinuddin
Dublin Welfare Society CLG is a registered in Ireland - CRO number 483272, RCN: 20075477, CHY 19290.

Peace Mission Ireland


Discover Islam Ireland (DII)


Muslim Sisters of Eire (MSOE)


Irish Muslim Cultural Centre (IMCC)


Al-Furqan Community Association


Tawheed Centre Waterfod

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